Unlock and start your Tesla by sending a text message.

Phone ran out of batteries and the key card is not with you? Remote unlock & keyless drive by sending a text from any phone.


Unlock via text without apps

Drive without keys

Drive your car through text message (SMS) without access to a key card or Tesla account.

Leave your wallet at home

When your phone is your wallet, carrying a key card is not practical. Use any phone to text one of our numbers to unlock your vehicle.

Peace of mind

Always have a key to your vehicle with a text message, a simple backup and access solution.


Have a fleet, need custom access or API integration? Contact Us

Data Safety

We take security seriously to keep your data safe.


Modern Infrastructure

We leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Platform as a Service (PaaS) hosting, including managed databases with encryption at rest. Platform updates are automatically applied.


Minimal Knowledge

We leverage an authentication token and do not ask for your Tesla password. We use the same access the official mobile applications use to unlock your vehicle. A trusted 3rd party is utilized for payment processing and we never see your card details.



We use our own product and employ extensive alerts, rules, and lockout policies to monitor and secure the service. We encourage the use of a password manager and to have two factor enabled on your Tesla account.